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Dr. Manorma Sharma

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•We as an Institute want to play a major role in encouraging curiosity and innovativeness among the students so that they acquire quick self-learning ability to cope with fast changing needs of Industry and bring new ideas for sustainable development.
•The Institute strives to mold youth into world class technocrats who work for increasing the quality of life for human kind.
•For fulfilling these objectives the Institute is backed by learned and devoted faculty members to resolve student’s queries not only to solve the problems related to understanding of their subject but also to groom their personality to be an industry ready professional and a better human being.
•I am confident that our present students too would be an asset to the Institute and also the organization they join through their technical and managerial capabilities.

Chemistry Lab

Professional Communication Lab

Physics Lab


The engineering subjects have evolved from the roots of Applied Sciences. The source of knowledge, inspiration and innovation springs from it, thus the significance of this department cannot be undermined and enhancement of the Engineering Tree can only be experienced by incorporating the root of Applied Sciences. The Applied Sciences primarily constitute of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics which is like a light house for student’s basic approach.

The students utilize the knowledge in almost all the work arena. The department aims that the student should imbibe scientific knowledge with the blend of mind and aptitude. The subjects English, Environmental studies and Human Values are also ingrained in student in order to make them important instrument of the corporate world. The English is a budding seed for their career growth and knowledge of environment becomes quintessential to make the students a responsible citizen with core ethical human values. Physics and Chemistry laboratories are having excellent facilities to conduct practicals so as to enable the students to comprehend these subjects. The objective is to provide strong science foundation so as to understand the basic concepts related to technical education. Adequate attention is given to weak students through personal counseling and extra classes.

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